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Wow its been awhile since I both had/took the time to update the site - Things have been busy! I'm still writing FK though and the latest versions are up on the archive

EXCEPT the .epub and .mobi versions - why? well, folks have been hassling me about getting this published in some form or another and frankly E-book is the cheapest and easiest way to go - for me at least ;) 

 My research has been a little limited but it seems the kindle is exploding in popularity as well as the itunes stuff and I can slap at least three books onto those each - What? Three you say?

Yes - ok.. FK hasn't been my only concern this year - I've had an idea bumbling round my head for many years now and well, its time to kick it out there!

My first sci-fi novel - Double Vision - will be going up as well, its a little naughty but not on the scale of FK - you will recognise certain elements however (cough)

The formatting and layout has to be completely redone however and since I've already reformatted three times in the past -at least - its taking longer than usual

however - you can read the first few Chapters HERE and hopefully it will encourage you to drop a couple of bucks into my Amazon account for the whole thing when its ready.

The other two books? FK is turning into a juggernaut of a story and frankly it would take a massive book to get it all into one.

So I've decided to split them into two parts on Amazon at least to make reading easier and for when they do go dead-tree version.

I'm breaking rules here by doing this - I spoke to Robin Hobb (Farseer saga) about it and she recommended against it - (despite all her books being on Amazon!)

 while each book does progress the story neither is a 'stand-alone' novel so I'm basically writing a serial converted to novel form...

Which will either annoy a lot of folks or make them hassle me for more.

so - Chapter's 1-20 will make up the the first book and 11- 50 the second - comments are of course welcomed as well as critiques

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As a major fantasy reader and avid devourer of books I always toyed with the idea of writing my own and with a little pushing from friends I decided to make this a regular series that followed the adventures of a man and his dragon mate. It is rated Adult as there are graphic sex scenes so no kiddies please! I am not responsible for corrupting any young dragons or humans that may come across this on the net so 'Viewer beware'

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